Brahmatal Top with Shivling peak

This being my 1st Himalayan trek and that too associated with India hikes, I was really excited.

Starting with the Day I registered for this Trek,
Kinshuk(Trek Coordinator) who had always been connected to us through the mailers which made us prepared for the trek and who was always there
to solve our queries. Thanks Kinshuk for replying our silly questions also which gave me a great satisfaction for trekking alone.
Finally after some months of registering, the day had come when we were ready to start the trek i.e. 28th December (One of my best day of my life :-)).

Devang Thapliyal (Our Awesome Trek Leader) has been the perfect trek leader that we would have dreamt of.
He is the one who made our trek the most energetic and filled with enthusiasm.
Thanks Devang for all the support for making all of us reach the summit.
Your words and support encouraged us to complete the summit. DEVil-ANGel Devang, you are the best <3.
You are an inspiration for the youth.
Also thanks to Devendra bhaiya and Sunil bhaiya who always supported us in every way.
Without these two it was not possible for all the 29 to complete the summit.
They were the ones who were always in front and behind of us to take care of us.
Thank you so much Sunil bhaiya for making my Daypack Completely comfortable while Trekking it was so heavy that i couldn’t do trek.
I remember how he waited for me and made my bag weight free.

Trust me being here for 6 days, i did not had the time to miss my parents and friends.
All thanks to Indiahikes for making such beautiful amazing friends and memories for me.
The Green Trails association has made us realised our responsibility towards making our mountains our country a beautiful place to be lived in.
This awareness initiative has been an amazing part of Indiahikes.

When i am writing this feedback, i have tears in my eyes.
I am having the flashback movie running in my eyes, missing all this.

The whole experience from that day to the base camp to the summit day till the day when we are supposed to go back to our homes,
Indiahikes have taken the perfect care of us(a wonderful memorable experience).

A big big thanks to all associated with Indiahikes.

Planning soon for the next trek.
Indian winter appears to be the warmest in Mumbai

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